The Immigrants Forum of the Hanseatic city Luebeck was established in 2007 and functions as a pressure group outside the city administration of Luebeck.

The core function of the Forum is representing the interests of the inhabitants of Luebeck who have an immigration background.

The Forum is independent, non-partisan and non-denominational, and works towards international understanding and communal harmony.  The Forum is committed to Gender and Cultural equality.

Within a current active membership of about 120 members both with and without an immigration background, the Forum comprises of people from Immigrant services, Immigrants’ Organisations, the government and city organisations, trade unions, as well as local politicians, immigrants and others interested in the Forum activities.

The Forum is actively involved in the development of a local integration concept and its implementation in the city of Luebeck. It supports intercultural representation in the local Social Services and in the City administration.

The Forum has an annual opportunity to report on its work to the public.

Through the establishment of an Integration Office in the city administration on 01.11.2009, a part time officer position was created to provide support to the Forum Executive Committee with its administrative work and in the execution of its right to participate in and support the local communal and administrative bodies.